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Desludging & Manhole Jetter

  • Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Impian Shahzai. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide. We offer desludging service for sewerage treatment plants and also individual septic tanks.

  • Impian Shahzai sewer jetting service provides fast and effective cleaning for sewers, grease traps, sludge, sand, debris sand even powerful enough to remove roots, using high pressure water jetting.

  • Grease, sludge, sand, debris and roots are the main causes of sewer line blockages. Our high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by:

  1. Penetrating and emulsifying grease

  2. Breaking up sludge and debris

  3. Pulverizing roots

  4. Cutting out hardened scale

  5. Flushing out the system

Desludging & Mainhole Jetter: Our Services
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